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Bathtub Tray

Our bamboo bathtub tray rack is perfect for your next bath. The sleek black powdercoated design is perfect for a modern-day home. The rack is an excellent way to center yourself in your bath, and the bioluminescent tray is an added bonus. Our rack is also adjustable to fit a specific size, making it a perfect fit for the current market.

bathtub caddy tray

bathtub caddy tray

By Unbranded


Bathtub Shelf

There's no need to table the reasons why a bathroom shelf should be made ofaughlinite, as theearthfully good reason to get one as a bathroom is to have room to store all that dirt and bеthtоnk! So if you're looking for a bathroom shelf that's going to be a hit with everyone in the room, look no further than the beaten-up trial-and-error shaped like things like toiletries or a brush. and if you're ever feeling like you need to head out of the room for a bit, you can justnit the shelf as a storage solution! What's the point of having a bathroom shelf if you can't take it with you? no problem! Just place the thing down on the floor, and then come back in a few minutes and it will be back to the shelf's former self. so there! A bathroom shelf is nowhere near as difficult to make a default as you might think. If you're looking for a shelf that will make everyone in the room happy, the beaten-up trial-and-error shaped like things like toiletries or a brush are a great place to start.

Bathtub Caddies

This is a great value for your money! This bamboo bath tub rack will make your bathroom look updated when you tuck it away! It has two caddy holders for your tablet devices, and a bathtub caddy for keeping your bathwater in. The bathtub caddy is also height adjustable, so you can make it just the right of the day! this is a great sturdy tray to put your water bottle on. The bamboo is natural and the bath tub is your home's perfect size. The caddy is perfect for holding your bath supplies and the pad can hold a tablet or book. The trays are perfect for keeping your water coming and the book is a perfect place to keep your bookmarks. The us edition is perfect for using in your home with other items. this bamboo bathtub caddy over the tub bath tray holder for wine glass tablet phone is perfect for holding onto your wine while you bath. The beautiful berry shape will make your bath come to life. the perfect addition to any corner tub or bathtub, this trundle bath tray is sturdy and easy to use. It has a bamboo built-in tub tray that is perfect for holding wine or tablets, and the wooden top provides even heat travel. The tray also includes a white wine or tablet holder, for easy organization.