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Old Fashioned Bathtub Drawing

Thisographe drawing is of a baby in a bathtub. It is a souvenir spoon from a old-fashioned bathtub. This drawing is a great reminder for friends and family of why we love using our bathtubs!

Old Fashioned Bathtub Drawing Amazon

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Old Fashioned Bathtub Drawing Ebay

This is a drawing of a baby in a bathtub. It's a rare and perfect oldfashioned bathtub souvenir spoon. It's signed by the author and published in 1978. The baby is a little boy or girl and he or she is holding a very real oldfashioned bathtub spoon. The spoon is from a baby's original set of recipes. It's a great drawing for when you're stuck for ideas for what to make your own bathtub drawing. this oldfashioned bathtub is a great resource for quilting projects and for depicting a new-to-you as a baby in their own space. The spoons and cups are just right - and they come in all shapes and sizes! This old fashioned bathtub is a great resource for anyone looking to create a digital drawing of a baby in a bathtub. The dish is made from a shiny new spoons white dish and the background is a fresh newspaper with old-fashioned spoons. This drawing can be used to create a reminder of the nostalgic experience of spending your childhood playing in your grandparents' bathtub.