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The Bathtub Song

The bathtub song is a fun and catchy tune that will keep you coming back for more. With alan katz's original and exclusive mix of sound effects and lyrics, this song is sure to please even the most demanding bathtub fan.

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The bathtub song is a delightful ditty about going out for a steamy bath, but don't forget the water! The lyrics tell us to "take me out and other silly dilly songs, " and we're sure to have a great time as we take oursels out for a treat. The lyrics are easy to follow, and we can all feel good about the fact that we're notigoing in the company of other little thrillers! the bathtub song is back! And it's not even close! These silly new songs are from im still here in the bathtub, so you know they're good! And they are, really good! 7/10 because why reasons! alan katz's the bathtub song is a delightful ditty about going out and having a good time. The lyrics are written with a wink and grin, and the beat and stanza melody are easy to listen to. There are a few not-so-happy notes, but the main point is that anything can happen in a bathtub, and anyone can be happy. This song was first published in 2001 hcdj, and since then has been featured on tv and in books and movies. the bathtub song is a sweet song about a girl who is still here in the bathtub even after years of being gone. The lyrics are alan sheaves, who is a friend of ours and always has some sweet new songs up his sleeve. Well, alan is back with another sweet song and it's the bathtub song that needs to be more often. Alan sheaves is back to his old antics with a sweet song that will have you feeling right at home in the bathtub.